Yoga Mats

Original Art on Yoga Mats


Can I still do yoga on my mat when it is painted?

Yes! The non-toxic acrylic paint acts as a plastic when applied to the mat and adheres permanently. The paint does not flake off. I have been using mine every day for about 7 months and have had no problems with it.

Does the paint make the yoga mat slippery?

Not at all. If anything, it makes the mat have a little more stick to it which is great for yoga.

What kind of yoga mat do you paint?

I usually paint high quality Aeromat Elite mats designed for Pilates or yoga.

Can I request specific colors?

Yes, usually I can accommodate color preferences. I will do my best!

Can you paint a yoga mat I already have?

Yes, if you send your mat to me I will paint it for you. However, if you do not like the painted mat, I am not responsible for replacing your mat. You are responsible for shipping costs to and from my studio.

Do you have some yoga mats already painted that are for sale?

You can visit my Etsy Shop here to see if there are any in stock or contact me here or via email at carrie[at]carrieschmittdesign[dot]com.

How much is a original, one of a kind, hand painted yoga mat?

Right now, the cost is $195, which includes the cost of the mat, the materials and time it takes to paint one.