“When there are two or more kindred spirits, soul sisters, like minded friends, to share the excitement and want a circle to happen, there will be more creative energy to draw from.”  Jean Shinoda Bolen

When sisters gather

And the wind/breath/spirit blows

And seeds are scattered

And nurturing happens even when we are unaware

-Margee (From Sacred Circles)

Recently, Megan Jefferson, Lia Porto, Este Macleod, and Rachel Maroudas (who are all artists featured in my book) and Tonia Jenny (my editor) joined me in dreamy Sequim, WA to create art and celebrate sisterhood.

We came together from all over the world—England, Argentina, Indiana, Arizona, Oregon and Washington not knowing each other (except for Megan and me) but connected by our love for creating art. We had no idea what would happen but bravely followed our intuition that seemed to be telling us each to show up and trust that magic would unfold.

We were not disappointed—magic was in abundance!

There was so so so much beauty. There is magic when women gather. It all happens so quickly and so powerfully. Within a few hours, we felt as though we had known each other our whole lives. Sisterhood was born.

My life expanded by living with these strong, brilliant, inspiring women almost as though a veil was pulled back into another universe.  A universe that I believe holds tremendous power and beauty that we all deserve.  I realized the following…

Women are meant to be together. I became acutely aware of how much this is missing in so many of our lives. The sounds of women sharing the same space, the incessant laughter, the songs, the talking, the meal preparing, the inside jokes, the support. It all felt so natural and so right—as though a primal need was finally being fulfilled and my heart/my whole body felt full and content.

Sabbaticals are mandatory. This is the first time I have been away from my children since 5 years ago when I went to the Mayo Clinic to be treated for my heat allergy. (But does that really even count?) I returned more at peace and completely refreshed, which has made me a much more patient and fully present mother and wife. I haven’t felt this renewed or re-energized in a long time.

This is the river of my life, and I’m surrendering to the current. I want to create more scenarios that allow women to truly enjoy the magic and fulfillment and joy of sisterhood and making connections with other women. So stay tuned for possible creative retreats being offered in the future!

So much happened that there are no words for, but here are a few highlights…

 We gathered in a circle each morning and evening for meditation, reflection, and conversation.

Rachel, who is a sacred ceremonialist and flower essence energy reader, did a reading for each of us and created one of a kind flower essence blends for each of us.

We bonded around delicious food and charming ambiance..

We painted A LOT and enjoyed the beautiful garden and water features surrounding us.

We did a speed collab project and quickly passed 5 canvases around until finished so we could each have one.

We also created this large painting together.

Tonia led us in a reflective and revealing exercise based on Angeles Arrien’s study of universal shapes and their meanings in our lives (based on her book Signs of Life: The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them).

We then incorporated some of the shapes we chose into our beaded bracelets that Tonia taught us how to make using a loom.

We hiked among moss and towering greens to Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park. (If you ever are with me when I see a waterfall be warned–I get a little excited. Waterfall HOLLA!)

Our final night we put flowers in our hair, dressed up in goddess attire and went to dinner at Nourish, a charming farm to plate restaurant.

The next morning we gathered for one last time in our sacred circle. Each person spoke, and Tonia shared two words to describe each of us. Mine was Easy Joy, and I’m digging that!

Oh, these luminous women! My soul sisters who shifted something inside me. I have no doubt that we were all supposed to meet at this exact time in our lives. I wish this type of magic for everybody.

We opened a beautiful portal…

The circle is open but not unbroken.

Blessed be.

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