I love how life seems to follow the natural rhythm of the seasons. This feeling of connection is vital to my spirit.

This Summer, my art biz blossomed in all sorts of exciting ways–poster contests, licensing deals, art shows, etc…

Lately, there has been less blooming and more internal focus on planting seeds that will hopefully manifest in the next few months/years. I’ve submitted my art to various companies and publications. I’ve reached out to artists I’d like to spend time with. I’ve been communicating with a woman who makes tea blends and understands flower magic. We might be dreaming up something BIG together. I’m touring a beautiful space on the Olympic Peninsula for a possible future art retreat.

Like Autumn is to Summer and Winter, I’m in an in-between phase. The waiting is hard.

As an act of faith and prayer, I’ve been planting bulbs in our garden that will hopefully manifest the beauty that they were meant to be next Spring. I’ve wrapped my wishes and dreams up with them as I’ve laid them gently in the Earth and covered them with my paint-smeared hands, my new hopes pulsing through them waiting to be born as well.

Master gardeners say that Autumn is the best time to plant because Winter allows roots to take hold before the warmth of Spring and Summer. I’m recognizing that planting seeds and having patience is an important practice in my art life also. Every day I hope that good news will come as a result of my efforts. Until then, I keep planting dreams.

What seeds are you planting right now for your future? Whatever they are, I wish you patience and unwavering faith in your journey.

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