What is it about Autumn? And timing? Don’t you love serendipity and synchronicity? I live for those moments where unseen forces seem to be at work spinning magic.

An unfolding happens that feels predestined. Meant to be. At that exact moment in time.

I’m going to tell you a story. It’s my story. And it’s gonna be honest. And real.  I’m not telling you because I want to. I have to. I just know this in my bones–it is time.

As I get older, I feel a stronger primal connection to nature—almost as though the boundaries are thinning between my being and the Universe. This February, I actually felt the physical pull of the ocean calling me. Not the same sensation as wanting to go to the ocean. I felt my body physically needing to breathe the salty ocean air. Like the cells in my body would die if they didn’t. And, the ocean’s force pulling and beckoning me to come. Trippy.

It was time. I listened and went to the ocean like an obedient daughter called home by her mother at dusk.  I felt the long exhale my body needed. Each cell re-energized. Ahhhh.

Lately, I’ve been in Autumn’s quiet, reflective mood. I’ve noticed a strong pull to find a tribe with deep soulful friendships that I am craving, just as I was craving the salty ocean air. Like I would die if I didn’t start making heartfelt connections. It was time.

I contacted Michelle Armas and Jessica Swift. Oddly, they knew each other and Michelle just happened to be visiting Portland soon. We decided to meet up, which was a serious dream come true to spend time with two of my favorite artsy women.  They are as sweet as I imagined! (Did I mention I love synchronicity?)

Their new presence in my life started my mind spinning in all sorts of ways, which always happens in Autumn. It’s like the Autumn wind stirs up my psyche just like it swirls the leaves around in a frantic dance. These two women, unbeknownst to them, had brought reflection and change into my life.

When we emailed, I found myself sending them crazy long emails that felt like blog posts, sharing random stories that just came out of nowhere. I was like, what am I doing? When did I get so chatty?

I realized I missed having heart to heart conversations with other women.

I realized I wanted them to know me the way I knew them from their honesty, humor and lives that they share on their blogs. Their willingness to share their true selves (the good and bad, the joys and frustrations) is why they are inspiring to me and others. And, I want to inspire also.

When I told them how much it meant to me to spend time with them, I realized I wanted them to understand why and know the story behind my words.

Then, I got an email from Flora Bowley’s weekly Seeds of Inspiration. The subject in my inbox–“You Have A Story to Tell.” Bam. How does she do that? It’s like she is a spirit guide or something.

How many more signs from the Universe did I need? It was time to share my story. I know we all have one, and for some reason I feel compelled to share right now. I’m not even sure why. Perhaps it is a self-healing practice, perhaps it is so others can relate to our human imperfections and insecurities, perhaps I suddenly want people to understand the meaning behind my words, perhaps it is just time to let it all go.

So stay tuned because this blog post is too long already. The next one will be MY STORY. The one I want NEED to tell. Until then, what is pulling and calling to you right now?


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