If you are like me,

You have made mistakes,

You have felt inadequate and compared yourself to others,

You have fallen a thousand times,

And got back up a thousand and one,

You have love and lost,

You have felt embarrassed,

You have regretted,

You have struggled,

Pretended not to care,

Put others before yourself,

Felt fleeting moments of brilliance,

And not so fleeting moments of doubt,

You have wondered why,

And wished to understand,

You have ached for something familiar yet unknown,

You have looked for a different way,

Made your own rules,

Slowly fell in love with your body,

Believe gratitude is the third eye,

You have sensed a spirit, an intoxicating oneness,

You worry about hurting others,

When you need to speak your truth,

You feel powerful one moment,

And helpless the next,

Your life has become a prayer,

At the altar of your soul,

You are just trying to do your best,

And hoping each day that,

This is enough.

XO, Carrie

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