Nora loves to help me start new paintings. We just make random marks all over the canvas without worrying what it looks like. This is my favorite part of the process!

This was the first time we actually created a finished piece together, and I have to say it is my absolute favorite ever.

I’m a little envious of Nora. So uninhibited and free. I am constantly trying to get to a place of non-judgment when I paint. Having her to guide me was so helpful and eye-opening. She didn’t worry about anything–she just let her instincts and whim guide her. I followed her lead.

Usually when I paint, it takes me a LONG time. I get to a point in the process where I am constantly stopping, standing back and looking at the canvas. Thinking about what I should do next. We didn’t do any of that and worked FAST (about 20-30 minutes from start to finish). This was all about fun and not the end result. No expectations or preconceived ideas. The experience was so different coming from this perspective.

Watching Nora mix colors was like watching a master except she broke all the rules and made the most insane mixing choices that resulted in pure magic! Accidental brilliance.

Nora cracked me up because she would get so into the mixing paint on the palette that she would forget about the canvas and just start playing/painting on the palette. Adorable. See the brushstrokes on the palette below? You can see her excited energy in the paint.

Nora named this piece, Coolest Painting Ever. I love the energy of the piece–it is very different than my usual style. I am drawn to the wildness and playful nature and want to bring more of that feeling into my future paintings. There might be more collaborations in the future with my new painting partner. I just hope I can pull my weight!

I treasured every moment of this experience with sweet little Nora. I love that we have a tangible piece of art to remember the special time we spend together in my studio every day.

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