I’m working on a special project right now, and the incredibly talented Iris Scott has something to do with it. She paints masterpieces by fingerpainting with oils–a technique she discovered on accident in Thailand. It was love at first stroke for her. Check out her work here!

Paint on my face is always a sign of a great day.

I took one of her workshops on Friday and loved every minute of it. My favorite part of workshops is spending time with other artsy folks. I spend a lot of time alone in my studio and having people to talk to is so inspiring and refreshing. The energy of these women is so incredible.

My first finger painting-Koi! A nice change of pace from flowers.

 I also learned that Iris embellishes canvas reproductions–which means she adds original paint strokes to give the reproduction a more unique and original quality. I just might have to start doing that too.

Here are a few images from Iris’  one day workshop at ArtSpot in Edmonds, WA.

Beautiful apron worn by my new friend, Joy. Looking at this across from me made me swoon.
Had to have a picture of Iris and her fingers that create so much beauty. Love this girl!

This day felt so indulgent and such a gift to my soul. Note to self: do more of this in the future! Thanks, Iris, for an amazing art and soul sister experience.

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