I’ve always wanted to do a collaborative painting but have never been brave enough.

Too many insecurities–I’d feel like apologizing the entire time, be worried about what the other person was thinking, if they liked or didn’t like what I painted, etc.

But, recently something inside me has shifted.  I’ve decided to force myself into uncomfortable situations and practice bravery, even in small ways.

I know that stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone makes room for all sorts of magic to happen.  So, I’m embracing vulnerability right now and seeing where it leads.

When my friend from college, Megan, came to town, I knew she was the perfect person to paint with.

We went to Pine Lake on a beautiful day to play and paint.  We were about to begin when the kids spotted a crayfish that we had to go check out.

When we came back, a duck had walked thru our palette and left footprints all over our blanket.  Definitely a playful way to begin!

Megan’s sweet guy, Blake, joined us and mixed a fabulous green color that we used.

What I enjoyed most was how the conversation and painting flowed smoothly together in a relaxing rhythm and watching Megan mix colors.

As a formally trained artist who has been painting a long time, she knows what she is doing.  It was awesome to watch her process unfold!

It wasn’t as scary as I thought, but I did have to push thru all my insecurities the whole time.

Even as I’m writing this post, I just thought,  “I need to call Megan and apologize for muddy-ing her colors.”  Note to self–you worry way too much!

Almost finished…


Flowing like Water. Visual conversation between loving friends. 20x20

I had a wonderful time!  Despite my insecurities, the process was exhilirating and the setting was idyllic.

Love this girl!

Thanks, Megan, for a beautiful experience.  I treasure our longlasting friendship–one of the greatest gifts in my life is you.  We’ve come a long way since our “sandwich artist” days at La Bodega!

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