I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for being so supportive since I began this art biz a few months ago.

There have been so many times when I’ve almost given up.  So much doubt.  Then, magically a note appears in my inbox or on my FB page that encourages me to keep going.  An Etsy sale surprises me.

Suddenly, I’m floating again with the realization that doing this–creating art and making connections with other souls–makes me feel the most alive.

Even if my art isn’t perfect.  Even if I want to be better. To have more time to do everything. Even if our house is a mess, and dinners aren’t quite as homemade any more.

Cannot find the source of this image, but I love it!

I LOVE every minute I spend painting.  But, with the business end of this gig, there is a neverending to-do list and the guilt that comes with thinking that I am never doing enough, that I should be doing more, learning more, painting more, networking more.

How Peace Feels--work in progress.

So, why am I doing this?  I decided to finally try to turn my art hobby into a business because of my 14 year old daughter, Skylar, who tends to turn my life in better directions. And, gift me with courage when I need it.

Skylar has the sweetest brave soul and has overcome challenges in life with grace and acceptance.  She has had to change schools a lot over the years, and it has not been easy.

When we moved to Washington, she enrolled in a public middle school and had to start in the middle of her 6th grade year.  It. Was. Awful.  Traumatic. Full of bullying and heartache.

Sweet Skylar and my sis, Erin, at Mt. Rainier.

So, she left that school and started at a private school in 7th grade.  She has blossomed at her school and is so happy now.  Next year, she wants to continue on to a private high school that her school feeds into.  To do this, I need to make some moo-law (yikes!).

Skylar has been brave so many times and inspired me to finally be brave with my art.  To not just create as a hobby, to not wait until I thought I was good enough to share it with the world.

Just to go for it.  Right now.  So, she is the inspiration behind my fledgling art business.  She is the reason I push thru my fears and share my art.

Mixed Media collage recently donated to the Vision House, a shelter for single moms and children.

This is one of the many things I am thankful for.  The lessons my children teach me.  The gifts they give me.  The direction they turn my life.

And, I couldn’t do it without this amazingly supportive community that you are a part of.  Thank you!

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