One of the places I love to create in the summer is on our old Southern style front porch that sold me on the house before I even went inside.

Look at these vines, people!  A mix of wisteria, honeysuckle and clematis that all bloom at different times.  Thank you, previous owners, for your gardening genius!

I spend as much time as possible here and would sleep here at night if I weren’t terrified of all the wild nocturnal creatures we hear–it is no joke.  But, this is my favorite place for an afternoon nap thanks to our recent bargain find.

I’m convinced Craigslist has special cosmic powers–ask and it will appear!  I typed in “vintage wooden daybed” and look what popped up…

Exactly what I was envisioning! How does Craigslist always do that? In the spirit of using what you have, I threw pillows from around the house on it.  We use the porch even more now that we have a comfy place to hang out.  An outdoor bed=dreamy!

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