Hooray for saying YES to your heart’s calling!

This special event will take place January 30th, 2021 at 4:30pm PST and will last about one hour.


  • In the spirit of creating a special ceremony, there is a dress code. You are encouraged to dress in goddess attire that makes you feel beautiful.

    Have fun with this!

    This might include wearing flowers in your hair or a tiara or scarf, fun jewelry, flowy dresses or skirts, OR however you interpret this! Be creative. Be playful. Be YOU.

  • Create a sacred space for yourself. Candles, incense, and oil diffuser, twinkly lights, a special blanket or cushion. Create the magick you seek in your life!


  • A journal and paper
  • A candle
  • Water in a special vessel of some kind

Carrie is a talented artist with a beautiful soul.

She shares practical, useful techniques in her online classes that help students loosen up and paint more intuitively. But even more than that, she helps students create a beautiful, peaceful space to create. What a gift.


Carrie is a highly creative and empowering teacher!

I have taken several of her online classes, and I love them all! With Carrie’s loving guidance, I have been learning to paint expressively with joy. Her classes have really helped me to bloom in my art and spirit. I highly recommend all of her classes!


Carrie’s classes and the online community she has created have been my place for positivity,

hope and peace during this overwhelming pandemic. At the least, you’ll always have a community to go to that is all about supporting and celebrating each other. And flowers! So many flowers! Best investment I’ve made all year!



CYNDI PFIEFFER @artistcyndipfieffer Aiya Alberg @analberg @lisa.lavender.holquist Linda Meadows Kathy Wimberly Blackburn @flamingoalley Suzanne Wingfield @genevievesdaughter
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