Hooray for saying YES to your heart’s calling!

This special event will take place January 30th, 2021 at 4:30pm PST and will last about one hour.


  • In the spirit of creating a special ceremony, there is a dress code. You are encouraged to dress in goddess attire that makes you feel beautiful.

    Have fun with this!

    This might include wearing flowers in your hair or a tiara or scarf, fun jewelry, flowy dresses or skirts, OR however you interpret this! Be creative. Be playful. Be YOU.

  • Create a sacred space for yourself. Candles, incense, and oil diffuser, twinkly lights, a special blanket or cushion. Create the magick you seek in your life!


  • A journal and paper
  • A candle
  • Water in a special vessel of some kind

Taking an online class with Carrie is like being wrapped in sunshine.

Her gentle demeanor and supportive nature nurtures the artist living within each of us. Forgive the pun, but my painting skills have blossomed so much since taking her classes. The love and light she exudes makes all of her students feel that they can be, not only best friends with Carrie, but the greatest artists we can aspire to be. If you have not taken a class with Carrie, you’re missing out. It’s food for the soul.


If you need to “reboot” your creative soul and need an unconditional generous spirit to guide you,

a safe nonjudgmental space in which to do it and an abundance of inspiration and joy to push you through it….meet Carrie Schmitt! I can’t say enough about her courses. They are relaxed, very well paced and addictive! She IS a blessing!


Love Carrie’s online classes. She honored every single student as an artist from day one.

Carrie provided thoughtful feedback and cheered us on every step of the way. could not recommend Carrie’s online class offerings enough. As an online instructor as well for the last five years, I set the bar very high for online course offerings and Carrie exceeded all of my expectations. She is inspirational.



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