There is so much happiness right now in my life. I hope there is in yours too. I’ve licensed a few more paintings with Hallmark in the past few weeks and enjoyed a weekend on Bainbridge Island for their annual garden tour.

That’s my painting, How Peace Feels, on their 25th anniversary poster–yeehaw!

 This weekend I had a booth at their art fair and attended the gala where the painting was auctioned.

Seeing the delight in people’s eyes as they looked at my artwork and talking to them really made me burst with happiness. I had this moment where everything sank in.

Where I let myself remember how miserable I felt when my heat allergy was spiraling out of control in 2009.When I couldn’t walk up the stairs without having to call an ambulance for oxygen and a shot.Where I was so depressed I could barely get thru the day and felt like a prisoner. Where I was afraid I was dying and my body was slowly shutting down. Where I might get to a point where I might not even be able to move my body at all or get out of bed without reacting to heat. To life. I cried so much that summer. I think I cried every single day.

And, then I picked up a paintbrush. Art saved my life.

And, has taken me on this wild adventure. I found myself thru paint. And, this weekend confirmed that this is always who I was meant to be.

So, my pause for a moment this weekend was me telling me that it is okay now. That I made it through that dark time. And, that it was all worthwhile. And, I wanted to shout it out in that room right then to everyone…If you are going thru a hard time, don’t give up. There is beauty on the other side.

My sweet parents came all the way from Ohio to help because my hubby was out of town. I could not have done this without them. The thought makes me shiver.

My dad told me that I shouldn’t being paying sales tax when I buy products that I am going to re-sell, such as prints. Oops. How am I supposed to know that? I was an English major! Thanks, Dad, you are now officially my business advisor.

A graphic designer traced my painting digitally and created flower shapes that they used on the Bainbridge in Bloom t-shirts. How cool is that? Of course, my mom almost bought them out!

On Saturday, my mom and I went to the gala auction at the scenic and stunning Manor House on a hillside overlooking the ocean.

I had to say goodbye to my painting that was soon to be auctioned.

I have always wondered when I would feel like a “real” artist. I do now. I’ve given myself permission to enjoy the title. But, it wasn’t winning a poster contest or getting licensed with Hallmark. It was me recognizing myself. And letting myself celebrate who I am.

Cheers to you all!

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