Journey to the Self: The Yoga Inspired Art E-Course

Journey to the Self: The Yoga Inspired Art E-Course

January 18 – February 27,  2015

Cost: $195 (early bird $175) *Pay in full or in two installments of ($97.50)

This course is an invitation to:

: Create beautiful art inspired by unifying your mind, body and spirit

: Learn art techniques and yoga poses that allow you to unleash your joy

: Embrace the habit of practicing self-love on a daily basis

: Celebrate your divine light with a community of supportive creative beings

Join me for as we walk together towards a Journey to the Self and express our unique divine light through Yoga Inspired Art.

What is the structure and content of the course?

In our 6 weeks together, we dive into practices that honor our divine light and allow our creative energy to unfold and our wild inner joy to manifest.

Each week is a celebration of your inner light and our oneness that includes:

* a creative art project with step-by-step video demonstrations of various art techniques

* a yoga sequence and holistic practices designed to stimulate creativity

* an inspiring interview with a wise woman

* a meditation and reflective prompt to encourage rejuvenation, reflection and relaxation

* a few sweet surprises for you!

Other Details:

* The final week will be a celebration, time to share our thoughts, and a closing.

* We will create a special online community through our own private Facebook page, as well as shared discussion on our private website. The connections made in these courses have been invaluable to me over the years, and I am excited for us all to connect with kindred spirits.


1. Can I participate if I am not an artist?

Of course! This class is designed for beginners to experienced artists. We will meet each other where we are and share our gifts. The art projects are designed for all levels.

2. Can I participate if I have never done yoga or have some physical limitations?

Definitely! The yoga poses and sequences I share are designed to enhance creativity and relaxation not to achieve an intense workout. As the saying goes, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” There are always ways to modify poses. I understand having physical limitations as I have one also. This course is designed for all ages.

3. Will we just be painting flowers?

No, although flowers might emerge in a few of the projects. We will be focusing on learning mixed media art techniques that can be applied to any subject that you want to paint after the class is over.  We will complete 5 art art pieces together that will be connected to nature and yoga in some way. In the final project, I share how I paint my yoga mats. You can paint a mat with me or do a similar style of painting on canvas.

3. What if I get behind in the class lessons?

You will have access to the course content for 6 months after it ends. The private Facebook page will stay open and has no closing date. Please remember, this is not a race! I hope everyone will embrace a slower pace to savor each lesson rather than rush through each one. This itself is a practice in slowing down and enjoying each moment as it comes.

4. Why did you create Journey into the Self: Yoga Inspired Art

While writing an art book this past year, I hit a roadblock. Each time I tried to write, I felt lethargic, my attention span was short, and my mind felt fuzzy rather than sharp. I sensed that I was going to have to align my mind, body and soul to create this labor of love. Unfortunately, my body felt kinda dead. I have been living with a medical condition which physical activity not only difficult but potentially life-threatening for the past 11 years.

My inner voice kept whispering that it was time to do yoga. So went to a yoga class, and it was really hard. My body was shaky, and I was weak. I felt a little bit discouraged at my abilities, BUT I felt so amazing after the class that I was hooked.  I felt achy and light, and most importantly alive again. Of course, I was alive before but I feel more whole now. Since then, I’ve come to believe that if everybody did yoga it would change the world.

How has yoga influenced your art?

Yoga has transformed my creative process, which can be seen visually in my recent work. When I began practicing yoga, I realized how tight my upper body was, and I have been focusing on the idea of “opening” for months. I can tell this physical opening has allowed me to be more receptive to receiving inspiration and releasing it as well. I am working from a different place now—less in my mind and more in tune my entire body, which allows my creativity to flow out onto the canvas with joy and ease.

I hope you will join me in this special event. I know it will be a remarkable journey to share together and am excited to see what unfolds when we open to ourselves, to each other, and to our innate creative wellspring within.

Blessings and Namaste,


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