When I started this 36×36 commission, it looked like this:

As I worked on it and layers and layers began to build up, I liked it.

But I didn’t love it.

I kept hearing Flora Bowley’s advice whispering to me: Sometimes you have to let go of what you like, to create something that you love.

So, I painted over the entire thing, then drove to school to pick up my kids.  On the way, I was having some serious regret.  I can’t believe I did that. What was I thinking?

But then, this emerged.

Finding Love 36x36 Commission SOLD. Prints available.

And, it is my favorite painting yet. Flora was right.  By letting go of mediocrity, I made room for something that takes my breath away.

It was a breakthrough moment as my style developed into something new.  I feel like this has been waiting to come out of me for a long time.  Waiting for me to get here.

I love how art imitates life.  Have you ever taken a risk and let go of something that was just alright to make room for something even more wonderful?

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