Art, making connections, nature, relaxing, celebrating, awakenings, soul work and experiences outside the normal realm of our everyday lives.

These are a few of my favorite things.

A retreat centered on creativity and connection is the perfect way to fuse together everything that makes my heart flutter.

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for years.

Scribbled notes that will hopefully someday turn into a polished retreat website.

I recently found the perfect place for this gathering–a beautiful renovated farmhouse in Sequim (pronounced Skwim) on the Olympic Peninsula–truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth with the Pacific Ocean, mammoth driftwood, the grand Olympic Mountains, the Hoh Rainforest and more.

I immediately knew this home was THE ONE. In the backdrop are the Olympic Mountains.

Chills swept over my body when I stepped onto the property. One day I will gather here with a group of amazing women, and magic will happen. Will you be one of those women? Do you feel it too?

Can you imagine spending time on this porch with a bunch of artsy women?

It’s just so…romantic. inspiring. soul-stirring. Every time I visit the Olympic Peninsula, I almost burst into tears by the wonder of it all.

Sequim is the lavender capital of North America.

I haven’t picked out a date yet, but I’m hoping to have my first art retreat in the next year or two.

So what will it be like?

There will be painting and art-making. Sharing and laughter. Newness and exploring. Fire pits and beach combing. And, that is just the beginning.

To start with, I’d love to share with you a little more about Sequim.

Traveling to Sequim starts with a ferry ride, which adds a sense of romance and adventure already, doesn't it?

This physical journey across the ocean makes it feel even more like an epic adventure.

The gardens on the property stunning.

The large patio is perfect for painting among the gardens and water features.

The local grocery store is a barn that sells all organic produce mostly grown on the farm itself.

Field Notes is one of many charming shops in Sequim.

Perhaps this will be the West Coast’s version of Squam. Out here, it’s Sequim not Squam! I love how the two sound similar.

Stay tuned as more plans roll out for this one 0f a kind retreat/adventure!

Wall art in one of the farmhouse bedrooms. Fitting, huh?

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