I wanted to create original and affordable art because I think handmade gifts have love woven in them. This gives them with an energy that delights and surprises people.

So I came up with heARTfelt Cards just in time for Valentine’s Day–yeehaw!

One-of-a-kind Love Notes.

On the front of each blank card is a mini original painting on canvas that can be removed and displayed on an easel (included).

Love is in the air.

Samples to choose from.

There is something really sweet and delicate about these mini canvases that I’m drawn to.

Above: The back of each card is a little love note from moi.

12 Cards are currently available in my Etsy Shop. Grab them now and surprise a loved one this Valentine’s Day with a unique and heartfelt gift. Perfect to put on their desk, window ledge or nightstand to remind them of your love.

Here are a few that are available, but check out the shop to see them all!

Falling for You

You are my Sunshine

Love Blooms

You Have My Heart

My Sweet One

 Delightful for any occasion but especially sweet and sentimental for February, the month of love!

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