For the past week, I have been diving into Kelly Rae Robert’s magical ecourse, Hello Soul, Hello Mixed Media Mantras.

The first part of the course involves “Silencing the Noise”  and listening to your soul’s whispers. From Kelly Rae’s amazing reflective exercises, we have been writing our own mantras that will later be included in our artwork.

Making mantras can be a bit addictive!

Those blue sticky notes are all mantras! At first it took me awhile, but now I can’t stop thinking up mantras throughout the day. Here are a few and the story behind them.

Let a little wild out.

This mantra was inspired by my recent desire to wear flowers in my hair and reconnect with my younger, more carefree self. I found this flowery headband at a store one day and when I put it on, I felt like me again. I remembered parts of myself that I liked when I was younger. That is what is great about getting older–you can take what you like about yourself and leave the rest behind!

I feel like if we don’t pay attention, we can lose a little bit of that youthful spunk and expression and let our inner selves get a bit too quiet. I want to reconnect with my earthy, natural side that threw caution to the wind and wasn’t afraid to be a bit avant-garde if it meant being myself.

Give to others.

This mantra is inspired by my insecurity in social situations. In the past, I was shy and a bit reserved when meeting someone new–you know, afraid to just be me. Today, I try to shift my perspective by focusing on the other person’s experience.

By opening up and letting out my true self, I can make other people feel comfortable and loved. By seeing these encounters in a different way, I am able to value what I have to offer someone who also just wants the same thing I do–acceptance, friendship and love.

Everything is sacred.

This mantra is about balance. Its about finding the magic and significance in everything but not to the point where it might overwhelm or paralyze us.

In painting, this happens when I am afraid to paint over an area or try something new. I have to remind myself that taking risks is worthwhile, and that I can always paint back over something if I don’t like it.

In life, this happens when I am fearful for whatever reason because I think something is a bigger deal than it really is. You know what I mean? When we over-think, over-analyze, and over-worry. It turns out not to be the end of the world, right? This grounds and centers me to find balance between not caring at all and caring to an unhealthy point. This can sometimes mean knowing when to hold on and when to let go.

In the next few weeks, I will continue to create mantras and start to incorporate them into my mixed media paintings!


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