My daughter, Skylar, recently was assigned to write an essay about someone she admires. I was honored that she picked me and so touched by her words that I want to share excerpts with you. It’s my best review yet:

My mom is like a paint brush. She spreads love and color all over the canvas of her life.  She can turn any situation from dark to light with a few strokes and positive words. This has proven to be one of her greatest gifts…

…My mom’s carefree attitude reminds me of how it feels to be at the beach, which is where she spent a lot of her childhood summers. Her parents bought a house on a tiny island in South Carolina. Her family, from the stories I have heard, always had interesting vacations. From my mom falling into an alligator lagoon, or my grandpa falling asleep while he was supposed to be watching my mom who decided to rub her sticky lollipop all over herself and roll in the sand…you can guess how that ended.

We spent a lot of my childhood there also until my mom developed a life threatening allergy to heat in her late 20s. This meant that this very active, beach loving young woman had to find new hobbies and completely alter her way of life.  The tragic event of developing this rare chronic illness lead to the discovery of one of her greatest joys in life: painting.

In the morning I will often come downstairs to find my mother sitting with her legs pulled up to her chest, her brown bob pulled up in a messy bun, doodling flowers on her note pad, and staring at her works in progress. I always tease her about this. She just sits and stares. She calls it, “waiting for inspiration.” I’m not so sure how staring at the same thing gives her inspiration. But hey, I’m not the artist! It’s also funny when she lugs around a giant canvas all day with her paint smeared hands.  From the art room, up the stairs, to her bedroom, back down the stairs to the kitchen…

…My mom takes care of things she loves. Every person needs another individual in their life that will always be there for them. Whether that’s a husband or wife, brother or sister, friend or cousin, everyone needs that person. My mom is that person to me. She’s the person that supports me and loves me no matter what.  The person that helps put the yellow on my canvas when I want to paint dark blue.

Am I lucky to have this girl as my daughter or what? I’m so proud of her. She’s my masterpiece.

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