Paint and Play

– Join Jennifer Mercede and Carrie Schmitt for a Playful and Joyful Art-Making Adventure –

May 17-21, 2023

This is a RARE opportunity! An intimate retreat with a small number of participants and two professional teachers.

You will receive individualized attention and instruction from both Jennifer and Carrie.


  • Learn how to create stunning art with supportive guidance thru the process from Jennifer and Carrie who have a combined art experience of 35+ years
  • Bring PLAY, JOY, and FUN back into your art and life
  • Stay loose and free in your compositions
  • Learn to use acrylic paint and mixed media materials to create joyful art
  • Move past creative “blocks” and resistance
  • Learn what it means to paint intuitively and how to do it
  • Explore techniques and prompts to create vibrant soulful art
  • Learn how to use design elements to guide your process
  • Find joy in the creative process instead of stress
  • Ask questions about the creative process and business(we’ve almost done it all!)
  • Surround yourself with inspiring women in beautiful community
  • Give yourself a much-deserved getaway to nurture your mind, body, and spirit


  • Lunch, snacks, tea, and coffee
  • Sway bag and gifts from Jennifer and Carrie
  • Some art supplies provided (You will be sent a supply list of what to bring after registration)


Early Bird Registration: $1995

*Prices are non-refundable unless someone else takes your place

Stay at House of Miracles: Only 2-3 spots available. I f you would like to stay on-site at House of Miracles. Single Room: $795; Shared Room: $650 per person.

*Prices are non-refundable unless someone else takes your place


  • We will have morning and afternoon painting sessions with breaks to rest, play, read, write, reflect, take beach walks and whatever else your heart desires
  • More than just painting. We will create a safe space to explore your creative expression in various ways, perhaps through writing, singing, or improv. We will have fun!
  • An encouraged opportunity to plunge in the cool waters of beautiful Puget Sound!
  • Open studio in the evening if you want to keep painting!
  • Jennifer and Carrie will teach and guide you in their techniques with the intention to help you tap into your own artistic voice.
  • As you paint, you will receive individual and personalized guidance from both Jennifer and Carrie.

Praise for Paint and Play:

These past five days have been even more than I could have imagined.

I mean…I’m painting with my painting idol, in her house! Who gets to do that? But that was just the icing on the cake. This retreat has awakened me to a beautiful community of women supporting each other in ways I never thought possible. I can’t really put into words how much gratitude I have for you and the fact that you were able to facilitate such an amazing experience.



My visit here has been lifechanging. I am seeing thru new eyes.

I will take what you have shared and what I have learned here and share it with others. I am beginning a new chapter in my life because of you and this beautiful retreat center. It is truly a house of miracles and transformation.”


“This is truly a House of Miracles! 

And you are the angel who makes it so, with your unbounded spirit, love, generosity, caring, and welcoming energy. I am so moved by the community of women supporting women, of hope and love and creativity. I will hold this week in my heart, and draw on it for strength, direction, and spirit. My new healing journey is under way, and I look forward to growing and learning to love and let go and to trust the universe.”



Thank you, Jennifer! I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me.

It’s like a secret, beautiful garden with endless possibilities. Honestly, my eyes/mind see things differently now. It was a privilege to explore this new realm with such fun, funny and caring souls…my art and soul sisters!


– DW

Jennifer, in her kind and humorous way,

taught us the art of not getting attached to what was on our canvas.


– LR

As I participated in these exercises I had many “ah-ha” moments,

like seeing my inner critic and the negative things she says. I was in a safe place where I was allowed to vocalize these thoughts and create new positive affirmations to live and create by.


– LA

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