This past week I’ve been basking in the lovely energy of my sister, Erin, who visited us from Vail, CO.  I love this girl!

Our week was full of hikes, kayaking, exploring Seattle and even a little painting.

We turned rocks from a hike into ghosts.

Last time my sister visited, we (as in just the two of us) took a road trip to Olympic National Park (Wow, did I need that!).  This time on our kid-free day, we kayaked and did a collaborative painting.  When the Schmitt girls get together, we choose the outdoors every time–no pedicures or salon days for us!

Erin chose the subject–Vail in the fall, which means Aspen trees with golden leaves.

I had a blast painting with my sister.  We forgot to give the painting a title, but I’m thinking “Sister Trees.”

Grateful that this incredible soul is my sister.  Love you, Eenie!

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