Come with me! On a journey to a sweet, quiet island. To paint, create, laugh, explore, nurture and re-new your Self. To celebrate your beauty. Your power. Your innate creativity. Your wings. It is your time.


Something magic happens when women gather together to create. There is a primal dance that takes place. A flow. A river of joy. Wholeness and ease. We feel our power.

For me, when I am surrounded by women, I am constantly aware of how natural it feels. My heart whispers, “This feels right.” I am acutely aware of how isolated we as women are from one another, and I crave these moments of connection that seem to refresh my mind, body and soul.


In the spirit of sisterhood, you are invited to join me for Wild Joy Blooms on September 23-25th in the stunning coastal town of Southold, NY on Long Island.

We will paint and enjoy other nourishing creative activities and exercises.

There are 20 spots! You can register here.

I recently attended a retreat here with some artist friends. I was forever changed on so many levels from this experience. Such a much-needed blessing in my life.


There was painting, dancing, pranking, singing, swimming, hot-tubbing, star gazing, beach combing, eating, shopping, laughter, tears, and all the things that women need in their lives.
IMG_4180Dvora, the organizer, and Deb, the homeowner, are two of the most gracious and generous people I have ever met. They have this magical way of immediately making you feel at home. The atmosphere they create is really unlike anything I have ever experienced. What really impressed me was how much they paid attention to details to make everything special for us. They put a personal touch on everything they did and went out of their way to make us feel loved and pampered.


Two highlights that I will be using in my own workshop…

1.The Radiate Sessions! Each person had the floor for 20 minutes to discuss an issue in their life or art that they were looking for insight on or wanting to get feedback for. This was powerful, helpful and revealing. We all learned so much from each other’s topics, not just our own. Brilliant!

2. Dvora had little envelopes for us to write notes to each other.  So sweet. It’s nice to feel loved, ya know?


This whole experience was out of a storybook. I had no idea what to expect, but everything exceeded anything I could have imagined. The food was delicious thanks to Dvora’s mad chef skills, and the home itself is gorgeous, warm and designed for people to enjoy being together.

abs5 abs8 abs10 abs6 abs7 IMG_3938

We will also be creating collaborative paintings for each of us to take home! Always a workshop favorite of mine, and we did this at the recent retreat as well. Here is the detail from one of them.


Hope you will join me. I honestly cannot wait to get back to this magical place! And have another incredible, life-changing, life-affirming experience. There is so much beauty to create together.



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