I was in a little funk last week about trying to launch my art career.  One day, I was complaining to my mom that I couldn’t do it, that I might as well give up on the art biz.

I never have time to paint, to market, to learn, to do anything, etc..  Sometimes I just don’t even know why I try.

Then, 3 things happened:

1) I had my first artist reception at Lombardi’s Restaurant, where my art is hanging for the next 3 months.  Despite the butterflies in my stomach on the way there (what if nobody shows, what if everyone thinks my art stinks?), it was surprisingly awesome!

Yay for good friends!

It was such a fun night, and I even sold 2 paintings.  Then, 3 more the next day!  This really helps motivate me to stay the course with my art biz.

2) I received a note from Sadee from A Picture Book Life, an artist soul sister, about how busy she has been this month with getting the kids back to school.  It was so comforting to read her words and feel some solidarity with another artist mom trying to make it work.

3) I read these words on Facebook and couldn’t help but feel that they were speaking to my soul:

Thank goodness for these serendipitous moments to keep me motivated.

Hope the world sends some kindness your way as you follow whatever your heart is calling you to do too!

PS–I’m having a giveaway on my Facebook page.  Go to the page, “like” it, and comment on what you think the painting below should be called.  I’ll choose a winner on Facebook on Friday who will receive a print of this painting.

Name me and win a print!

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