I’m super excited to have my products in a few boutiques and galleries here in Washington. One goal for 2013 is to get into more retail spaces across the country.

Wish me luck! (Or better yet, if you know of any stores that would be a good fit for my style, please contact me.)

Simplicity Decor and Simplicity ABC in Kirkland, WA are two stores that carry my originals, prints and greeting cards. I’m honored to be affiliated with these stores because the owner, A, runs a top-notch business full of giving back to the community and commitment to being a green business.

It was such a thrill to stop in and see my products on the shelves! Can you see my wreath painting thru the window?

Love the quote below this wreath painting. So true! Might have to put that on my wish list for my studio.

Below are my greeting cards on display. Yeehaw!

Another wreath on top of the display shelf. Isn’t this store great?

My originals and prints on the bottom and second shelf from the top at Simplicity ABC, the children’s store.

A, the store owner, (pictured below) is one of the most gentle and kind people I’ve ever met. I feel so blessed and grateful that our paths have crossed.  Thanks, A, for supporting my art dreams.

I love that the words “the miraculous, the unexpected” are above these two sweeties.  These words describe them both to me!

If you are ever in Kirkland, stopping by Simplicity Decor and Simplicity ABC is a must-do!  A and his staff are so friendly, and you are guaranteed to find unique gifts, toys and home decor. You can also visit his online stores.

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