There is magic when women gather.

Lately, there has been an abundance of inspiring women in my life just when I need their incredible energy.

(I love how that works, don’t you?)

The weekend before my book’s photo shoot in Cincinnati, I attended Amy Butler’s Dreaming in Color Workshop in the storybook town of Granville, Ohio, aka cutest. town. ever.

She and life coach, Hildie Dunn, who is passionate about helping others actualize their dreams, teamed up to create a weekend of dreaming, bonding, and tapping into your power. Hello, inspiration!

Meeting Amy Butler was akin to meeting a rock star! Her fabric line is brilliant, but she is an even more amazing person.

We dreamed, we schemed, we collaged. I so enjoyed the intimate group of women who gathered to share their stories and hopes. Powerful.

I spent time with Monica Lee from Smart Creative Women–another rock star! Her online show has been the single most helpful and inspiring resource for me as an artist. I listen to it when I am in my studio painting, and I soak in the positive success stories and expert advice.

Monica has been like a girlfriend that hangs out in my studio and brings her cool friends along. I always had a feeling we would meet someday in person, and I thank my lucky stars we finally did because she has played such an important role in my life without even knowing it!

Filled to the brim with positive energy from these inspiring women, I was ready for the (slightly daunting) photo shoot for my book with North Light Books!

Despite my fears that I would mess up every painting, the photo shoot was a blast thanks to two new soul sisters, Sarah Laichas (editor) and Christine Polomsky (photographer). They made the photo shoot SO much fun and relaxing.

I enjoyed every moment we spent together in the studio and going out to lunch every day, which felt like such an indulgent and grown-up thing to do. I never go out to lunch and usually eat whatever I can put in my mouth without having to touch with my fingers that are covered in paint, such as Luna Bars or a bag of cashews!

We went to lunch with Cherie Haas, kindred spirit and online editor of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and the Artist’s Network. This woman, who has some seriously peaceful energy about her, knocked my socks off even before she mentioned that she is a fire dancer, as in she dances and eats fire as a performer. I was speechless. I’m going to name a painting, Firedancer, after her someday soon.

My longtime friend, Megan, made an appearance to create collaborative paintings with me for the photo shoot. Talk about an energy rush! Collaborating with her was an out of body experience. Something strange happens when you create with another person and communicate with your intuition and heart. Here is a sneak peek at one of the paintings we created together!

These experiences felt like a huge celebration after the last few years of trying to “make it” as an artist! It was a pause to just celebrate, enjoy the journey, and re-fill my well of inspiration!

I am committed to creating more scenarios like this in my life and for others as well. I cannot wait to host an art retreat for women someday soon! We all deserve this type of connection and need more of it in our lives, no?

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