Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur?  Thanks to Spark and Inspire by Robin Norgren, you can read interviews from over 40 women (including me!) about what it is like to run a creative business.

Within these pages you will find the voices of over 40 creative entrepreneurs who

…run their businesses both online and in brick and mortar stores
…run workshops and sell in shows
…have a range of experiences and have been in business from 1 year to more than 25 years
…offer you no nonsense information on their processes and how they have been able to keep moving in tough economic times
…found a way to let good ideas go when the money was not in line with the dream.
I’m super excited to be offering a free PDF copy of this extraordinary book thanks to Robin’s generosity!

Robin also answered a few questions about the inspiration behind her project and more…

The lovely and talented, Robin Norgren.

Q: What inspired you to create this book? How did you come up with the idea?

Robin: I had taken Kelly Rae Robert’s first ecourse in 2010 with many of the women featured in this book, and so I KNEW how amazingly talented each one is.  And I was at a place in my creative business where I was preparing to make a radical change in direction and really wanted some mentoring on how to go about it.

So the questions in the book are inspired by the questions I had in making some big business decisions and the people I asked are people I admired for their business sense and integrity to their craft.

Whom did you create it for?

Robin: I created the book for people who have a vision or an idea or are running a small creative business and need some advice about the road ahead. Many times these same people are stretched pretty thin time wise and are unable to meet with someone and/or might not have the cash available to meet and walk through many of those questions they might have.

The GREATEST thing about the book is that you get to hear from at least 8 creative entrepreneurs on the way they worked through really tough issues like collaboration, taking a big leap, 10 words to describe the reality of small business, how they came up with the brand/look of their business, failure and how to keep going.

What are you most proud of about the book?

Robin: I am most proud of how willingly each woman shared very candidly about failures and disappointments as well as their greatest accomplishments.  I think so many times it is not a matter of whether or not someone wants to move forward on an idea.

What she really needs to for someone to prepare her a bit for the hard road ahead and at the same time share what how incredibly valuable it is in just trying something and giving it her all.

What is one thing you learned thru these women’s interviews and thru the experience of writing/compiling a book?

Robin: That running a creative business is hard and yet the community you build and the things you learn about who you are and what you are able to accomplish is a soul enriching process.

I found that I have kindreds that are ordinary people that may not be the usual “celebrity” names in the creative business industry yet each one is making their mark in their community.  Because of the internet I have the privilege of connecting and learning from each of them AND being INSPIRED to try more, BE MORE in my business and in my life.

Thank you so much, Robin!

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