Lately, my children and I have been really into tea. Blane and Nora like mixing conconctions of sugar, milk and honey. Skylar and I like sampling new tea flavors. Maybe its the damp PNW climate. We have all rekindled a fondness for it to a point of obsession.

A cute little card from Studio Den that I bought for Skylar.

Skylar and I have also been trying to do make more intentional Mom-Daughter time together as we both realize she will be in college in 3.5 years and this special time is going too fast. We’ve created two new rituals that involve both of our interests:

*Dedicating Sunday to cooking new recipes together we find on Pinterest

*Weekly tea dates at tea houses around Seattle

Tea and some conversation with my teenager.

Our first tea date was to a tea shop in Issaquah called Experience Tea. We inhaled the hypnotic aromas of different tea blends in adorable jars and finally chose which tea to sample. Skylar picked Honeybush Chocolate Cake, and I went with Blood Orange. On our second visit, we sampled Chocolate Carmel and Berry Blast. Can you see a theme emerging? Fruit and chocolate. YUM.

Our Tea Journal

We decided to keep a tea journal to write our reviews so we remember our impressions of each flavor because there are hundreds!

Our Tea Ritual is such a special way to check in with each other, talk and keep a journal together. We are dreaming up a kitchen project that involves creating a tea center to stock all our loose tea. Our next outing is to find some cute jars to hold the tea. Tea has become a great beginning point for us to brainstorm all sorts of activities to do together.

What rituals do you enjoy with your family? What is your favorite tea? I’d love to hear them!

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