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A stunning book celebrating
ten years of art + writing

carrie schmitt gold star
carrie schmitt the story of every flower

Step inside Carrie’s world of vibrant paintings and heartfelt reflections.

Feel yourself bloom as you are transported to a soulful realm of wonder and mystery.

Each page invites you to celebrate your own sacred beauty and cultivate the joyful garden within your heart.

With love letters to the reader, musings on Creativity, reflections of spirit, painting stories and more, this inspirational collection shares the magic that unfolds when we say yes to our heart wisdom and step into the fullness of our own unique bloom.

With 200 pages with over 50 paintings and journal entries, in a large 9 x 11 inch size perfect for reading and displaying, you’ll fall in love!

New eBook version coming soon!

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white flower

My art path is similar to a flower’s unfolding.

In my darkest moment, painting became a seed of possibility. From this darkness, I emerged into the fullness of my life. Painting has been a homecoming to myself.

Through this book, I invite you to come home to the fullness of your being by honoring what is called within you to bloom.

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amy jones

“The Story of Every Flower is a book of art, a book of life, a book of love. To read it is to be embraced by Carrie’s warm, healing spirit.”

Amy Jones, Editor-in-Chief, Writer’s Digest

writers digest
janine vangool

“Every lush brushstroke and artful scribble that fills Carrie Schmitt’s canvases is an expression of her personal perseverance and the power of authentic beauty.”

Janine Vangool, UPPERCASE Editor and Designer

daphne cohn

“Carrie’s book is the truest of love letters: a tribute to pain, illness and the darkest of dark places but also light, freedom, and what it is to live fully alive.”

Daphne Cohn, Writer, Creative, and Host of Beyond Podcast

matti rose

“Swoon! This book is a reminder to feel alive. I will be returning to her words and imagery endlessly for nourishment as an artist and human.”

Mati Rose McDonough, Artist/Illustrator and Author

Golden rose artwork by Carrie Schmitt

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