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carrie schmit my painting are an expression of a force flowing through me

My paintings are an expression of Creative Spirit flowing through me.

I surrender to the natural process of Creativity. I trust this force completely. After all, it is the same force that created the sky, the sea, and everything in existence.

I am the eyes, hands, and feet of this divine force, but I am not the judge of it. I welcome imperfections and prefer the raw and wild to the polished and tamed.

I am wildly in love Creativity. It is an honor to participate in the miracle of creation. This alone brings me to my knees in gratitude.

I hope you can feel this love in each piece. Many women tell say my art gives them freedom to express their artistic style boldly in their homes, clothing, and more.

I hope my art inspires you to express your unique Creativity too with joy and confidence. My wish is for you to fall in love with the Creative Spirit within you and within us all.

carrie schmit gold rose

Featured Paintings

temple of sisters 400x516

Temple of Sisters

Temple of Sisters reminds me of my beloved online art class and community, Flower Painting Club.

When I started this club, I had no idea how important these women would become to me and to each other. We have supported each other through the ups and downs of not just our creativity, but our entire lives as well.

We’ve celebrated milestones and miracles, and we’ve held each other during difficult times. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and we’ve witnessed each other’s journeys with humor, reverence, and love. The women in this club are some of the greatest blessings in my life.

When women gather, we come into our power and our truest creative joyful expression. I wish every woman a community like this one. You are welcome to join us and experience the magic of women gathering and witnessing each other’s journey.

carrieschmitt a thousand reincarnations

A Thousand Reincarnations

Her story is magical. She appeared suddenly after months of layering paint upon paint and she spoke.

She said, “I will not live in fear. A thousand reincarnations live inside me.” Exactly when I needed to hear this. Creation is inherently magical. It is an invisible form making itself visible to us.

I dream of reincarnations for all of us when we fall into devotion to the source of joy, wonder, connection, beauty, power, ecstasy, bliss, and so much more — Creativity.

We know it’s power to transform and heal. It’s astonishing we don’t honor and treasure it more. You’d think we’d fall to our knees each morning in gratitude for its gifts.

Do we fall to our knees for anything any more besides suffering? Do we bow to the beauty or have we turned away toward something else?

carrieschmitt opulent beauty

Opulent Beauty

This peacock appeared on this flowery canvas after I visited my neighbor’s farm. A male peacock tried to impress the peahen next to me.

He showed his feathers and shook the way they do during their mating dance. The peahen was not impressed, but I was entranced.

I returned home to work on this floral painting, and suddenly a peacock appeared. Our peacock baby was born!

This painting has so many layers and took many months to paint. I believe it was waiting for me to have this peacock experience so that it could become what it was meant to be.

This is one of my favorite paintings and now belongs to my best childhood friend, but you can still get a fine art print here.

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