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charity adams

“I can’t even explain how life-changing Carrie Schmitt’s Art is Love retreat was for me. Being surrounded by creative, intuitive, loving, supportive women was so much more than I evern knew I needed. If I save all year for one thing, I hope it is these retreats forever and ever.

What I got from the retreat blew me away. The instruction and art-making were top-tier. Carrie has a gift for gathering creative kindreds and I felt at home. She and the other instructors created a lovely, safe space for each of us to try new things, to be vulnerable, and to explore and nurture our relationships with Creativity. I came home with loads of new friends, discovered faith in my abilities, and beautiful art I didn’t know I could make. It was incredibly nurturing, mind, body, and spirit. I never want to miss another one.”


tracey kronberg

“I am so moved by the community of women supporting women and by the hope and love and Creativity.

I will hold this week in my heart, and draw on it for strength, direction, and spirit. My new healing journey is underway, and I look forward to growing and learning to love and let go and to trust the universe.”



I feel like I’ve spread wings I had forgotten I had!

My spirit is lighter, my inspiration to create art feels boundless, and the feelings of isolation I so often struggle with have been replaced by the strong bonds of sisterhood! 

So grateful to Carrie Schmitt and the rest of the team for putting together such an incredible retreat. The deep love these women have for art, sisterhood and sparking inspiration in others truly shines through in every detail! And my eternal gratitude to all of the women I met this weekend who bared their souls and shared their art, stories and wisdom.”



“I forgot my troubles as I painted my cares away, without expectations or self-criticism.

This was much more than an art class. This was a retreat for my soul in a joyful, accepting, and relaxing environment. The creative energy in the room, soaking in the beauty of watching Carrie create vibrant paintings, and sharing time with a group of amazing women will be a forever memory for me. Carrie has so many gifts, and she shares herself so freely. I am so very grateful for this experience.”



“My daughter said that seeing me take time to care for myself started a healing in her.

Our lives were difficult when she was a child and seeing me take measures to improve my wellbeing has given her permission to be happy and follow her dreams as well. She had no idea she even needed to see that in me. So I would hope that any other woman reading this will see that taking time for yourself isn’t selfish and may actually help to begin the healing process for those most dear to you.


Be notified when new retreats open

Get on the email list and never miss a magical opportunity to let your creative spirit sing!

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