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Experience the joy of an art retreat in the comfort of your home.

October 17-20, 2024

Have you always wanted to attend an art retreat but traveling is difficult?

Let us bring the retreat to you — no travel required and at about 1/4 the cost!

Are you ready to create art that is joyful, soulful, and meaningful surrounded by loving women who will lift you up and inspire you?

This one-of-a-kind offering is designed for you!

DATES: October 17-20, 2024 
(+ Bonus Celebration on October 26th)

Early Bird Special: $795  (Reg. $995) 

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This 3.5 day retreat is the online version of our beloved Art is Love in-person retreat. We create a container of love to nurture your Creativity and your beautiful spirit.


This unique offering includes:

carrie schmit 3 joyful art projects

3 Joyful Art Projects

Taught live by Jessica Swift, Lori Siebert, and Carrie Schmitt.

an uplifting live community

An Uplifting Live Community

Kindred creatives that will uplift and inspire you as we paint together.

art talks

Art Talks

Jess, Lori, and Carrie share a personal talk followed by reflection questions and group discussion.

opening and closing circle

An Opening and Closing Circle

Heart-centered activities to nurture your Creative Spirit and to share beauty with each other.


Q + A with Jessica, Lori, and Carrie

This is your chance to ask us all your questions related to art, biz, and life!

optional art swap prokect

An Optional Art Swap Project

Make art to trade with one of the participating members.

celebration + share reunion party

A Celebration + Share Reunion Party

A week after the retreat to check-in, share art, and paint together again



Other surprises and special guests!

carrie schmit mitzie styles

“The Art is Love Retreat is transformational! This heart-centered retreat is filled with wonder, art, and sisterhood.

The instructors bring years of experience to this creativity-centered space. It is not a class—it is a way of living. Thank you so much, Carrie, Priscilla, Jesica, and Lori. Love you all!”

— Mitzie Styles

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In this class, we’ll create colorful mixed media rainbow paintings. With an array of materials like paint, colored pencils, markers, glitter, and sequins, we’ll quiet our minds and let our inner children out to play.

Working on multiple paintings at once, we’ll pour our hearts and intuition into each one. Finally, we’ll write personal blessings for ourselves and infuse them into the paintings with loving energy.

You are also invited to join our optional Art Swap. If you choose to participate in this trade, you will give and receive a rainbow painting with another retreat participant.



In this class, we will create a beautiful bird assemblage piece that symbolizes joy, courage and leaving fear behind! These tactile works of art will incorporate meaningful treasures and inspiring words.

Be amazed at how much fun you will have creating a one-of-a-kind junk bird. Enjoy gathering materials from your home and surroundings. You will be looking for beauty and possibility everywhere!




We will create our own personal goddess archetype based on what we wish to call into our own lives and embody.

We will then paint a mixed media goddess by listening to our intuition and letting the painting offer us clues to show us that it wants to be. You will be encouraged to trust the creative process and surrender to the flow of Creativity.  

carrie schmit danica factor

“I am still without words to express the impact a week with these women had on me…

I will forever remember the time I spent with these incredible women and the lasting impact they had on my soul. I truly believe there is magic in our lives. We just have to find the people, the safety, and the love in ourselves to see it.”

— Danica Factor

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Sample Schedule



Opening Circle on Zoom

We will have an inspiring reading, introduce ourselves, and share our intentions for the retreat. We will also do a few activities to nurture our Creative Spirit.

carrie schmit day 1


October 18th

9am PST Opening Circle
9:15am Artist Talk: Listen + Trust Your Intuition By Jessica Swift
9:30am Writing Reflection
9:45am Small Group Discussion
10:15am Closing Circle Remarks
10:30am Break
10:45am Painting Lesson with Jessica Swift Begins
12:30pm Break for Meal (Eat On Or Off Zoom)
1pm Paint Time Continues With Q + A Session
4pm Break For Meal
6pm Optional Paint Party

lori siebert class


October 19th

9am PST Opening Circle
9:15am PST Artist Talk: Find Your Path with Lori Siebert
9:30am Writing Reflection
9:45am Small Group Discussion
10:15am Closing Circle Remarks
10:30am Break
10:45am Painting Lesson with Lori Siebert Begins
12:30pm Break for Meal (Eat On Or Off Zoom)
1pm Art-making Time continues with Surprise Guest
4pm Break for Meal
6pm Optional Art-making Party

carrie schmit day 3


October 20th

9am PST Opening Circle
9:15am PST Artist Talk: Creativity as a Devotional Practice by Carrie Schmitt
9:30am Writing Reflection
9:45am Small Group Discussion
10:15am Closing Circle Remarks
10:30am Break
10:45am Painting Lesson with Carrie Schmitt
12:30pm Break for Meal (Eat On Or Off Zoom)
1pm Paint Time continues with Special Guests
4pm Break for Meal
5pm Closing Circle Share



4pm Celebration and Share

We’ll return one week later to check in with each other, celebrate how far we’ve come and share our beautiful artwork.

krista mays

“Growth, art, friendship, beautiful all in an art retreat! More than I thought it would be.

I felt like the rookie coming into this experience and quickly learned that being a rookie was perfectly fine. Great learning about process and the product and myself in the act of creation. What a gift this was!”

— Krista Mays

Frequently asked questions

How does this online retreat work?

After registration, you will receive a Zoom link to access our live online classroom. We will meet live each day on Zoom to make art and participate in our special retreat activities.

Do I need WIFI and a computer to participate?

Yes, you will need Internet service and a computer, I-pad, or phone to watch and participate.

What is your refund policy?

Because we plan the retreat according to guaranteed attendance from a certain number of participants, we do not issue refunds. If you miss the live sessions, they are recorded for you to watch at your leisure. The only portions not recorded are the small group discussions that happen in our morning circles.

Will there be recordings if I cannot attend the live sessions?

Yes, all sessions are recorded for you to watch at your leisure. The only portions not recorded are the small group discussions that happen in our morning circles to respect the privacy of participants who will be sharing during this time.

What supplies do I need?

A full supply list will be sent after registration.

Will I be able to ask questions during the art class sessions?

Yes, you will be able to ask questions throughout the time together and will most likely benefit from other participant questions as well. We encourage group discussion and sharing as we create! The conversations flow in the most magical and touching ways.

Can you tell me more about the optional art trade swap?

Yes! This is such a fun activity that I have done many times in my online membership. You will be matched with another retreat participant. You will each create a small painting for each other. You will ship the piece in the mail and receive a piece from your match. This optional!

Other questions? Please contact Carrie at

“I had no idea that something like this could be so powerful, healing, and life-affirming…I didn’t know this could be possible, but it is!

This retreat came at the most synchronistic time of my life as I am recovering from massive burnout and health issues and trying to find my way of doing life radically different.

Honestly, it made me tear up often soaking it all in!

The biggest takeaway for me was how the week was infused with so much joy….joy of art, creativity, so much humor, playfulness, music, singing, friendship, sharing, and giving…

It made me realize how my life had become so serious, even as a full time artist. Something I really, really needed. It honestly hard to describe how wonderful it was…it was truly amazing!”

— Beth Kerschen

beth kerschen


charity adams

“I can’t even explain how life-changing Carrie Schmitt’s Art is Love retreat was for me.

I registered for Carrie’s Art is Love retreat not really knowing what to expect, never having attended an art retreat before. What I got from the retreat blew me away. The instruction and art-making were top-tier. Carrie has a gift for gathering creative kindreds and I felt at home. I came home with loads of new friends, discovered faith in my abilities, and beautiful art I didn’t know I could make. It was incredibly nurturing, mind, body, and spirit. I never want to miss another one. Being surrounded by creative, intuitive, loving, supportive women was so much more than I ever knew I needed.

— Charity Adams

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Ready to fill your creative heart and overflow with LOVE?

OCTOBER 17-20, 2024

• 3.5 days of creative fun
• Learn from 3 inspiring artists
• Be surrounded by uplifting women
• All from the comfort of your home