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Learn the secrets of how to create a beautiful pattern using simple shapes that anybody can make.

By using repetition, layering, and a limited color palette, you can enjoy the blissful flow that the painting process offers and still achieve stunning results.

This class includes a beautiful rose meditation to open your heart to your beloved creativity.


  • How to use design elements to create a beautiful pattern
  • Achieving the creative flow state by keeping your marks, colors, and tools simple
  • Cultivating a healthy and loving approach to your creative process

This project is intentionally simple in the materials needed! You will need a canvas panel or stretched canvas to work on. I like to use 18x24 for this project. You also need acrylic paint. (I share what colors I use inside the course classroom.) You will also need one medium flat brush, a water jar, and paper towels.

Please note: You can often find a pack of 18x24 canvas panels at art stores or online. This is a good option if you would like to make more than one painting.

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