Step inside Carrie’s world of vibrant paintings and heartfelt reflections, and feel yourself bloom as you are transported to a soulful realm of wonder and mystery.

Each page invites you to celebrate your own sacred beauty and cultivate the joyful garden within your heart.

With love letters to the reader, musings on creativity, reflections of spirit, painting stories and more, this inspirational collection shares the magic that unfolds when we say yes to our heart wisdom and step into the fullness of our own unique bloom.


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Book Details:

  • Large 9×12 inch size perfect for reading and displaying
  • 200 pages with over 50 paintings and journal entries
  • Colorful and vibrant full color images
  • Questions to prompt group discussion or personal reflection

More About the Book

“My life is the story of every flower.”

Carrie’s path as an artist is similar to a flower’s unfolding. In her darkest moment, painting became a seed of possibility. From this darkness, she emerged into the fullness of her life. Painting has been a homecoming to her Self. In The Story of Every Flower, she invites others to come home to the fullness of their being by honoring what is called within them to bloom.


We are all creative beings worthy of our fullest expression.


I’ve loved Carrie’s art for years and have longed for a book collecting her joyful work.  With The Story of Every Flower, I got that and so much more. It’s a vibrant, intimate journey through her work, showcasing the transformative powers of creativity. At the same time, Carrie’s stories, poems, and insights offer encouragement and the affirmation that no matter where you are on your own creative journey, the important thing is that you’re on the journey. It’s a book of art. It’s a book of life. It’s a book of love. To read it is to be embraced by Carrie’s warm, healing spirit. —Amy Jones, Editor-in-Chief, Writer’s Digest

Every lush brushstroke and artful scribble that fills Carrie Schmitt’s canvases is an expression of her personal perseverance and the power of authentic beauty. The Story of Every Flower collects a decade of paintings paired with hard-won wisdom, honest intuitions and personal poetry. It delivers an intimate and soulful experience of art and creativity, that is both deeply personal and universal, inviting the reader to manifest their own petals of truth.” —Janine Vangool, UPPERCASE Editor and Designer

Carrie’s book is the truest of love letters: a tribute to pain, illness and the darkest of dark places but also light, freedom, and what it is to live fully alive. Every painting is suffused with Carrie’s awe, beauty, genius, and joy. Every poem is a testament to her wisdom, generous spirit, and loving heart. All of it a connection back to what is true. This book is not only a work of art but a living, breathing experience that is sure to inspire your own creativity and your own art. Thank you Carrie, for a love letter I will reread many, many times. —Daphne Cohn, Writer, Creative, and Host of Beyond Podcast

Swoon! This book is a reminder to feel alive. Bold, fresh and breathtakingly beautiful on every page! This stunning book will fill you up and inspire you to create from the heart. Carrie’s wild blooming paintings and uplifting and sacred writings are filled with reverence for the artistic process. I will be returning to her words and imagery endlessly for nourishment as an artist and human.” —Mati Rose McDonough, Artist/Illustrator and Author

The Story of Every Flower is an inspiring, luscious, deep dive into beauty, life lessons and self awareness. From the very start every page of the book is an extraordinary explosion of color, flowers, textures and marks. It is interspersed with her story, her musings, her poetry, the creative process and gratitude. It’s a coffee table book that would not sit idly by as decoration. It has so much richness and wisdom in it, I would be sure to open it up constantly for a dose of daily positivity. I highly recommend getting lost in these wonderful pages.”  —Jennifer Orkin Lewis // Augustwren, Artist/Illustrator

I devoured this book. Each page beautifully unfolding into the next, like the loveliest of poems reminding me that joy—real, hard-won, abundant joy—can be birthed through pivotal moments in the darkness of our lives. Like her art and Carrie herself, this book will inspire you to look at your life through the lens of beauty, honoring the blooms that grew from darkness into the light. I didn’t want it to end.” —Kelly Rae, Artist, Entrepreneur and Possibilitarian

Through her beautiful creations and poetic reflections, Carrie takes us to a deeper understanding of her life, her art, and her journey. She shares intimate passages of her paintings and experiences that leaves us wanting more. More color, more beauty, more magic. This collection will keep you coming back to be submerged in her art, passion, and words of wisdom and give you inspiration in your own journey.” —Betty Franks Krause, Abstract Artist

Every brush stroke has an intention like a line of poetry, each page an invitation to pause and soak up the colours and textures. Carrie’s art seems to reach into your very heart and drench it with hope and happiness. I feel almost a bit spoilt having access to pages of rose infused art whenever I want, but that’s Carrie- endlessly generous. This is no coffee table book, there’s a distinct resonance of harmony captured here, which is rare and beautiful- it’s therapy for the soul.” —Jo Cauldrick, Artist/Illustrator

Carrie inspires me to honor my creativity, to seek solutions rather than wallow in anguish of difficulties, and to savor the people and things that give me joy. Carrie’s words had me yelling, “YES!” and the colors and images had me swooning.” —Kathy Cornwell, Editor