Join Carrie for 30 days of creating blessings in this special online journey. 

NEXT START DATE: MAY 1, 2021 (Unlike Carrie’s painting classes, this class is only offered once a year.)

The Art of Blessing is a powerful tool for creativity that yields transformative results.

We will immerse ourselves in the living art of blessing and look at the world thru the lens of blessings.

With creative tips and inspiring prompts, you will be amazed at how simple it is to write your own blessings! 


At the end of the class, you will have 30 original blessings written by you.

One option is to create your own blessing deck, and Carrie shares how she has her decks printed and packaged.



  • Each week we will have a LIVE interactive check-in to share our experiences and blessings. (This is optional and will be recorded for those who cannot attend.)
  • A special optional Facebook community is available for those who wish to share writing and experiences together.


  • Journal or paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • An open heart!

This class  literally saved me during the uncertainty of Covid-19.

This experience has forever changed my outlook on life, and was one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had in a class.

Carrie created many enriching and soulful activities that encourage her students to discover and celebrate all of the beautiful blessings in life.

Carrie is so loving, and she created a wonderful online community for this class that has been totally supportive.

This class has been truly transformational for me. I highly recommend this online class!



If you need to “reboot” your creative soul and need an unconditional generous spirit to guide you,

a safe nonjudgmental space in which to do it, and an abundance of inspiration and joy to push you through it….meet Carrie Schmitt! I can’t say enough about her courses. They are relaxed, very well paced and addictive! She IS a blessing!


I took Carrie’s Blessings class last spring and it was simply wonderful.

Carrie is so warm and welcoming and she puts her heart and soul into the relationships she builds with participants.

I loved the information she presented about different types of blessings and how she was able to give my creativity such a positive boost.

I enjoyed the different perspectives that everyone brought to our class and loved how mutually supportive everyone was.

Whether you’re an artist or writer or just curious, give this class a try. I think you’ll be so happy you did!

May you join Carrie on this special journey into blessings and may your time together spark joy inside your heart.



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