Find your flow by creating drips and embracing the water-based quality of acrylic paint.

Simple, exciting, surprising, and joyful, see what gifts the creative process offers when you surrender and let go.

Carrie shares three paintings from start to finish with her tried and true tips and techniques.

This class shows us that painting does not have to be difficult. It can be simple and joyful with beautiful results.


  • The joyful exploration of color mixing
  • How design elements help us throughout the painting process
  • How to work with the natural qualities of your paints, yourself, and the creative process
  • Surrendering to the flow of creativity without resistance
  • Allowing the painting to guide you

The Drippy Flowers class was my first class with Carrie.

I took to heart her thoughts to have fun, feel the joy of expression, and honor the creative dance between the painting and myself. Thank you.



Carrie is so warm and welcoming. She puts her heart and soul into the relationships she builds with participants. 

May you join Carrie on this special journey into blessings and may your time together spark joy inside your heart.



If you need to “reboot” your creative soul and need an unconditional generous spirit to guide you,

a safe nonjudgmental space in which to do it, and an abundance of inspiration and joy to push you through it….meet Carrie Schmitt! I can’t say enough about her courses. They are relaxed, very well paced and addictive! She IS a blessing!



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